LIVING LIBATIONS - Beechwood Nail brush traveller


Living Libations - Beechwood Nail brush traveller

Our Traveller Nailbrush is fit for any sized adventure and even the smallest sized hand. At only 6 x 2.8 cm (2.5 x 1 in), this handy hygiene helper is perfectly pocket-sized to accompany you to airports, campsites, and mountain tops. And, it’s the perfect petite size for kids to brush away the day’s dirt.

Deftly double-sided, our Traveller Nailbrush has long bristles on one side to rub and scrub hands and feet and aptly angled short bristles on the reverse side to firmly clean cuticles and under the nails.

For extra hand care, add a drop of tea tree or lavender to sudsy bristles to banish biofilms and get rid of germs. For a fantastic finishing touch, follow up with Cuticle Care Oil and Hooray Hand Crème for soft, smooth hands.