Atelier La Vie Apothicaire was born out of the desire to live in a world where something beautiful can be good for you. We wanted to create products that looked chic and refined, but were made with great ingredients. This was the genesis of La Vie; now it’s a line of natural body and home products that are made with integrity.

At the origin of the company Atelier La Vie Apothicaire there is Mahélie and her passion to help people. A passion that follows her every day in her profession of naturopath as well as in her role as an entrepreneur. Her knowledge of natural products gives her the freedom to understand the impacts that chemicals have on our bodies and our environment and to select quality non-toxic ingredients for La Vie products.

From the room sprays you breathe in, to the soap you use to wash your hands, the essential oils (which are mostly organic) in La Vie products add that touch of purity without the compromise.